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                                                        OUR POLICY

We are the sole owners of this website and we only collect information that you voluntarily give us via email or on the phone. We assure you that your information will never be sold. 
We will only use your information for the purpose for which it is intended 
for i.e to contact you regarding English Bulldog. No sharing with any 
third party. Here you consider your privacy as a number one serious issue. Privacy

                                              Order English Bulldog Puppies

                                                          General Pricing

All puppies listed on the Puppies page will have different prizes. All prices are firm and non- negotiable. We do accept deposits and monthly payments on future puppies. 
Please note that verbal pricing overrides any prices listed on this web site. While we make every effort to make sure our listings are accurate, typographic errors for prices listed on the web site will not be honored. Please call us to confirm pricing.


Deposits will be accepted when the puppy is at least 2 weeks old. The minimum deposit is $200.00. Deposits are not refundable for any reason.


We do not accept personal checks! We accept cash, credit card, cashiers checks, postal money orders, Walmart and certified bank checks. If you speak to us and you agree to purchase the puppy, you must agree to send an overnight priority  Money Order (minimum $200 deposit) to us within 48 hours, we will then place the puppy on reserve for you until we receive the deposit payment. If we do not receive the deposit within the 48 hrs, the puppy goes back up for sale. Full payment of the puppy is due when the puppy reaches 8 weeks of age or at time of pickup.
You must pick up the puppy within 7 days once puppy is at least 8 weeks-old, otherwise we will charge a fee of $10.00 a day for boarding.If the puppy is already 8 weeks or older at time of purchase, you still have 5 days to pick up puppy from date of purchase-agreement before boarding costs are charged. This does not apply to individuals who need the puppy shipped to them, however, payment 
must be paid in full before shipping will be scheduled.Shipping 


(A) Standard shipping costs $150 . Puppy’s are shipped out and arrive in-
approximately 20 – 24 hours later.

(B) 1-day – $200. Puppy’s are shipped out and arrive within maximum of  No limit. Orders placed before 1 pm EST arrive in 2 business days hours .

(C) Next Day Saver – $200. Delivery is done after purchase confirmation and delivery 
is done within the fastest possible time frame. Any quantity Purchases made before 
9 AM EST may arrive the same day.


The shipping process works like this, we will take the puppy to the delivery company and register in your names and address , then the agency will contact you with delivery confirmation and also a tracking number so you can verify all details about your delivery and also the delivery 
schedule . As soon as everything is set , they will deliver to you and you pay them 
for the delivery . So if you will be shipping your puppy , provide us your full 
delivery information at the time of your order.

The puppies for sale have names. We have given them such because we wouldn’t feel right if we just address them with a moniker that’s for the whole, like “doggy”. To make them special, it was our initiative to call them something that’s solely their own. It’s less confusing this way, too.
The golden rule says you shall not do unto others what you don’t want them to do 
unto you. We do not treat these puppies as if they’re products for sale. Indeed, 
they are being distributed but our means of doing so is less harsh. We do 
not ask customers to just pay for them. Instead, we do it by encouraging 
them to adopt. Medical issues such as their shots and other vaccinations 
have been covered. De-worming has been taken care of, too. 
You leave with a new pup that’s ready to be in his home 
once you have finished your dealing with us. There is 
no need to worry about anything else. 

You’re free to enjoy your adopted puppy. After purchasing one or more of the puppies for sale from us, we still have your back. It doesn’t mean that the whole deal ends there. If you have 
any questions regarding how to do a follow-up with your dog’s health, comments, 
testimonials, or anything you have in mind, we are available for you. Just give 
us a call and we’ll attend to you in an instant or as soon as we can.
All of our puppies are vet checked, up to date on vaccinations, 
and come with one year replacement warranty. We strive 
to sell only the healthiest and most playful puppies 
around. We hope that this small note about 
us brings you closer to understanding who 
we are and how we operate our business. 
Please feel free to call or email anytime with questions or concerns.

If buyer lives too far away to personally pick up their puppy we can ship the puppy to their nearest major airport. All shipping costs are paid by the buyer.We charge a flat rate of $200 for delivery. During warmer months (May - September) the price may be higher to farther 
airports to VIP the puppy.This price also includes the shipping 
Kennel and USDA Veterinarian Health Certificate prior 
to shipping. Shipping is done through  pet delivery 
companies. Only major airports that support live 
animal shipments are accepted for transport.

We do not ship where originating and connecting airport temperatures exceed 80 degrees Fahrenheit at times of departure, therefore, shipments can only be done early in the morning when this case applies. During these warmer climates we reserve the right to ship at a schedule that 
permits us to ship the puppy. If you wish to drive and meet us we can meet 
you half way by car (no more than a 2 hour drive for us in one direction) 
for a fee of $150 if you prefer to do this instead of shipping.
                           THANKS FOR UNDERSTANDING

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