Shipping English Bulldog Puppies

Ship From CBP The Puppy Shipping Service has been developed to make certain that every possible detail is covered when providing transportation of a dog. Once you have chosen your new family member you want to be certain that they arrive safely into you and your families loving arms. The goal is to provide you with the best 
experience when adopting your pet. We know patience is limited when you are waiting to meet the newest member of your family so we strive to make your shipping experience quick and easy. Cost – Shipping costs start at $200 (Some breed, size, and age restrictions apply and could affect final shipping cost) (From May through September, Shipping costs may increase because of higher temperatures) (A) Standard shipping costs $200 . Puppy’s are shipped out and arrive in approximately 15 – 18 hours later. (B) 1-day – $300. Puppy’s are shipped out and arrive within maximum of . No limit. Orders placed before 1 PM EST processed within 7 hours . (C) Next Day Service – $200. Delivery is done after purchase confirmation and delivery is done within the fastest possible time frame. Any quantity.

What Do I Need To Know?
Contact us via: +1 (747) 242-3302

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